Monday, March 23, 2015

Day 2

Churches played a crucial role in the civil rights movement.  Big or small, they created a safe haven for their members.  These churches allowed people to have a place to meet, to socialize and to discuss ideas with one another.  They aided people in forming groups and helped members of the movement organize protests and civil rights events.  Churches created a common ground for its members and helped them discuss their common views in a safe place.  People also felt they could express emotions in church.  Through music and sermons they were able to express the emotions they had hidden inside them.  I think they created a place to safely get out the emotions they may not have been able to get out during the non-violence movement.  Another crucial aspect of churches in the movement was God.  The relationship with their God was so important, in not only motivating but providing hope to people.  So many people had such a strong relationship with God that it got them through many hard times and helped continue to comfort them after a difficult time.  Churches are just as important today.  They continue to provide support and guidance to people.  They also continue to pass on the messages and history to people today.  It is so important that the churches continue to spread their stories and history to guide and help the future generations learn.  As we went throughout the churches I was so inspired and learned so much through the sermons.  Every song had a strong meaning.  I could see so much history in the buildings and feel the history in the stories.  There was also an apparent culture among the congregation and a sense of family.  It was so wonderful to see and feel that connection and I can only imagine what it was like to be a part of a congregation during the civil rights movement.  It must have been so comforting to have a safe and comforting place to meet while all these horrible and unjust events occurred around them.

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