Monday, March 23, 2015

Blog #1 Skewed photo

This is not only extremely disturbing because I am a woman and feel down graded just seeing it...but this leaves out a lot of information and placement, font, wording really defines this picture. This is skewed because when I first saw this I had no idea what it was even advertising for until I looked close to under the photo where it said "If you drink this type of milk your girlfriend will allow anything". This photo does not advertise milk at all, in fact this photo just makes me feel extremely uncomfortable and disappointed how this is how people are trying to sell products. Media really takes a toll on how the worlds acts and reacts. I do not know who's idea it was to produce such a raunchy picture, but it is very sexist. No women should be taken advantage or down graded. I especially don't like this big heading "Get her used to it" as if that is supposed to mean whatever us woman don't like in life we have to suck it up and get used to it for the sake of happiness for men? I don't think so. This is ridiculous, and I don't think many customers would buy this product anyway.

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