Wednesday, March 25, 2015

BreakBlog #2

The churches (big and small) in the Civil Rights Movement played the role of a safe place to meet.  Since the rest of the community was hostile and segregated, the members of the movement needed a place to plan their actions.  Also, they needed a place to refresh themselves from the hate they had to absorb and reflect with nonviolence.  The church provided a space to sing to the Lord a new song or remind them that it is well with their souls.  The church also provided a place to gather in great numbers.  On the streets in the plain sight of white police was not a safe or acceptable space to organize in numbers over three.  So for this circumstance, the church filled yet another need.  The church was a space safe from racist eyes where plans to march or boycott could be made.  In addition, the church provided peace and motivation for nonviolence and endurance.  The Christian faith believes in “turn the other cheek” and “love your enemy”, which was preached by Doctor King.  For these reasons, churches played a vital role in the Civil Rights Movement.

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