Sunday, March 29, 2015

BreakBlog #4

I noticed a great contrast in the housing situation of Selma.  This is prevalent between the large historical houses, which are well-kept and the apartments and homes, which are run down in the areas affected by poverty.  This difference is obviously present because of income differences, but I believe this gap should change.  This change would bring about a higher sense of pride and self worth in the younger generations of the poverty stricken area.  A change like this can cause a change in viewpoint for the future aspirations of the young people affected.  Higher education would be more likely to be pursued and a greater interest in the world would be sparked, since they would no longer have to put so much energy and thought into the place where they lived. 
This situation reminds me of my hometown in southern Wisconsin.  We have higher and lower income areas of my town, which are clearly reflected in the appearance of the homes. 

This situation of housing doesn’t necessarily go along with racial differences, but it can certainly divide them.  So this general improvement of the norm of housing would dismember the walls of racial prejudice by lessening the difference of situation and privilege that one race may have over any other.


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