Sunday, March 29, 2015

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Fox News and CNN have different takes on the Religious Freedom

Bill being passed in Indiana.  The Fox News station chooses to inquire about the opinion of government officials towards the bill.  In the article above, Fox news chose to include a photo of the Indiana Governor Mike Pence.  This shows that Fox News is most concerned with the actions and views of politicians who have a direct impact on the bills passed in the country.  This is also reflected in the written internet article titled “Pence: Indiana law on religious freedom 'not about discrimination ... not going to change'”.  The article summarizes an interview with Governer Mike Pence, revealing his thoughts about the proposed bill, which was generally more conservative as well as anti-gay.  On the other hand, CNN is more geared toward public opinion, instead of solely the views of politicians.  This is reflected in the title of CNN’s internet article, “Debate on Indiana 'religious freedom' bill explodes on social media”.  CNN portrays the issue as a public debate, instead of the opinion of a single person.  I believe that this is a more progressive view of social change, since a debate is ongoing and involves everyone’s puzzle piece. 

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