Saturday, March 28, 2015

Day 6

During our time in Little Rock Arkansas we delved into many themes, but there were two that I found extremely interesting. The first thing that caught my interest is the Work that Heifer International is carrying out.  I think the work they are doing is so important.  They take the time to teach sustainability, instead of simply going somewhere and providing food.  I think it is great that they teach the people how to use what they are given to survive.  If they just went into a place and gave them food or water every day it makes the people reliant on someone else instead of themselves and when that resource leaves they are right back to where they started.  It is so important to teach skills and with any social justice work you have to do more than go in and do something and then leave.  You must leave something behind that can help the people continue the good work.  They are also a green company which shows they are not only trying to change how others live but they are making a positive change in their own country. The second theme I saw was the importance of education.  This was seen at Little Rock Central High School.  Education is extremely important and can lead to so many more advantages once the need for education is met.  The events that took place at the high school are important and I believe everyone needs to know about it.  The struggle that those nine African American students went through to get the education they deserve is unbelievable.  Every person no matter what race should have equal education and Little Rock Central High School is a reminder that so many children were not allowed equal rights.  While we have come so far we still must work to continue to make sure that no children have to suffer and fight to have the same educational rights as others.

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