Monday, January 7, 2013

Atlanta and Birmingham

         Today was a very good day, I found Atlanta and Birmingham to be a very exciting and enjoyable. The Ebenezer Baptist Service was very upbeat and made everyone clap his or her hands and kept everyone from falling asleep. During our discussing we talked about the importance of family and how the Ebenezer church forms a great community where everyone helps one another. We also talked about how race is not the only way to form stereotypes. We talked about Social Class and how many middle-class to higher class families are exposed to many racial or stereotyped media and that causes them to be more critical to a different individual. We visited M.L.K.’s birth home and learned of Auburn Street and how two different social classes were literally standing a road away from each other. We talked about how these individuals were able to get along during the 1960’s. We concluded that the goal they had in mind about changing the racial segregation was more important than their social standings. M.L.K. lived in a modernly rich home and was very educated. He had many friends who lived in Shotgun houses and they got along very well. I don’t really understand why nowadays why people from completely different paths can’t get along. I think it would be very beneficial for all people to be exposed by different cultures as well they different people’s ways of life.  

Mallory Thompson

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