Monday, January 7, 2013

A very busy day in Montgomery (Captiol tour)

01/07/12 Montgomery
         Today felt like our group was going a mile a minute. We were talking fast as we raced to Montgomery and visited Dexter’s Baptist church where Dr. King did many of his famous rally speeches. Headed to the Civil Right’s Memorial, and the Capital Building. I found the Capital Building to be the most interesting because unlike the two events before the capital building did not seek to mention the laws changed from the civil rights. While we were looking at the mural above the ceiling, I was slightly distracted and didn’t focus on what the pictures on the mural were. When we got back from our day our discussion asked why we thought that mural could be seen as offensive. Our tour guide stated that the mural was said the represent when Alabama was at it’s greatest. The pictures depicted black slaves doing hard labor and smiling about it. They also depicted Native Americas as being hostel when pilgrims stole their land yet the pictures showed on them dancing and cheering as if the caption was placed wrong. The Capitol Building was interesting as well, and that the tour guide told us the governor’s hall where George Wallace and his wife’s pictures were said to stay up there all year long. From all the movies we watched with George Wallace wanted to keep segregation. I found the loyally the capitol showed to be a bit disrespectful. This governor was a terrible governor who mistreated blacks and enforced stupid and shameful laws. We learned some very important things on this part of the trip. We learned that everyone could be racist it’s the amount of time you put into changing your mind to think differently.  

Mallory Thompson

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