Monday, January 7, 2013

First day, First discussion


         Today was our first excursion, and I found Atlanta to be a great, fun tourist destination.  I also found the information I learned about the class was beneficial when we were listening to Charles Person. What I found lacking was the enthusiasm to ask questions. This happened twice when we were in our outing. At the CNN tour, I figured many people would ask questions about things they were interested in about CNN, though not many asked their questions when they had opportunity. Secondly, since we had watched the video about the Freedom Riders I thought people would jump the gun to asks Charles, questions. The people I saw the most asking constant questions were coordinator members. I was disappointed that not many people other than in our Women Studies asked him personal questions. Maybe everyone was shy on the first official day. 
         When we got to our hotel, Jodi had us in groups and asked us questions on how we feel privilege about our way of living. It was difficult to answer that question even for the Women Studies class. We ended up talking about how we as white individuals should be appreciated that we are not racially profiled when we are in a superstore. Many people are subjected to racial as well as cultural profiling everyday. As white individuals we tend to take advantage that we don’t have to fear what others think of us. We also talked about how the Media is portrayed to us and interpreted. I think our group agreed that when it comes to serious political events the media especially television will want to jazz up their story so it will appeal “sexy” and entertaining. We gave an example, that the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are often portray that we as Americas are doing our best to keep the peace and that we are seen as the “good guys” While in reality, many people from those areas don’t want Americans in their country anymore and Americans are seen as a threat.
         This was a fun filled day that ended with a very true discussion that was very informational and it’s been only one days can’t wait to see what is going to be next.     

Mallory Thompson   

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