Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Timeline in the Civil Rights Memorial Center

In front of the Civil Rights Memorial Center, there is a circular black granite table. It was created by Vietnam Veterans Memorial designer Maya Lin. The table records the names of the movement in lines that like the hands of a clock. it is a fountain and the water emerges from the center of the table’s and flows across the top.

The timeline on the Memorial begins with the Supreme court’s 1954 decision outlawing school segregation and end with Martin Luther King’s death in 1968. Lin left a blank space between the first and last entries on the Memorial timeline. The reason why she left a space between these events to signify that the struggle for human rights began well before 1954 and continues to this day.

Lin hope that people can have a connection to the Civil Rights Movement while they are putting their hands in the water and touch the words on the table.

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