Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Life is being colored with colors of love, justice and peace

Today I was so inspired by the places we visited, by the people we met, and by the stories we heard. Visiting the old first white house was a great experience,besides the great building with its attractive furniture, I met that great woman from Czhech Republic. I heard so many stories from here, and here sweetniss touched my heart. She mentioned that justice should be everywhere, and that still nations are  fighting for their rights, that what makes me think about the situation in the Middle East, where countries like Syria, Egypt,Yemen, Bahrain, Tunisia are fighting to get their rights and live in a decomcratic nation full of freedom.My life was colored today with beautiful crayons of beauty, love, care, justice, tolerance, and peace. After going to a musuem and being a slave for just a couple of minutes, made my day very emotional , I almost cry from everything I saw, I could feel how African- American suffered from the moment they were brought from Africa util the civil rights movement. I could imagine the scene, it was so tough.
Ali El Ghandour

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