Wednesday, January 19, 2011

unforgettable trip

 I must say it is a fabulous trip of civil rights pilgrimage.  Today is the second day we come back, but i still remember every day and everything have happened during the whole trip. I must say, the last day in Memphis, TN is a really wonderful day.
We went to the national civil rights museum.  Actually, at the beginning, i really don/.t have a lot of interesting of this museum. However, when i went there, i found I’m wrong. This is a complete civil rights world. Everything is around Civil Rights.  In the museum, I learned a lot of other details about civil rights movements. How it happened and why is happened. In the museum,  I knew more people who joined the movement but I didn’t know. Then because of the weather, we missed the Rosa Park Museum in Birmingham. So for me, it was a good opportunity to touch close of Rosa Park. In the museum, it organized civil rights movements on different places and different timelines. Most of these places are I have been, like Washington.D.C., Birmingham, Montgomery ,Selma, and Memphis. It was the first time I found I am really follow the steps of civil rights movements.  This museum in fact is the place where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in April 4, 1968. That balcony still keeps the original. There are some introductions about what happened on that day.  I really cannot believe that the hero and the leader of civil rights movement died on the small and simple balcony. When I stare at this balcony, I still can feel how hard he had to struggle the rights for all the black people in the past.  There are a lot black people went to the museum. It really surprised me. I guess all the people want to use their own way to remember this hero. Many pictures and videos are shown on this museum. it is a good way the help us understand civil rights movement better.

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