Monday, January 17, 2011

01/15, 16/2011 Memphis, TN

The trip is approaching to the end. On the 9th day, our group reached the last stop – Memphis. Memphis is where Dr. Martin Luther King got shot. I did a research about the criminal James Earl Ray and also some conspiracies about the assassination in English 110. So before I came to the city and the museum, I had a general view about it. The whole museum was like a conclusion of the trip. From Rosa Park to Freedom Riders, from the March in D.C. to Bloody Sunday, I was kind of proud of myself that I made this. Almost every single land of the Civil Rights Movement I have set my food on it. Or I am able to say that I’m a collector, I collected every piece of the fragment of the movement and made them being continuous in my head. I’m thankful for being here. It is going to be a treasure in my life for sure!

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