Friday, January 14, 2011

Stop in Little Rock

Today we arrived at Little Rock in Arkansas. We went to the Little Rock Central High School. This is a very wonderful school. They have a huge school building kind like a castle. Tiger is their symbol of this high school. In my mind, that tiger is the spirit of this school and it shows all the people how the students in this high school could make the contribution of society. No matter how many difficulties they will meet, all the students will conquer with their bravery. I noticed that there are four pillars with exquisite sculpture. However there are some words on the sculptures gives me deep impression. There are ambition, personality, opportunity and preparation. I guess it should be the school motto of this school. The headmaster hopes all the students in this school no matter you are black or white could have ambition of the future, but they still need keep their own personality. Everyone have the same opportunities for the future, but the condition is you should prepare for everything by yourself and every time, then you just need waiting for the opportunity coming.  There is a journalist Alex Wilson said, “I was one of three Negro newsmen and a freelance photographer who were attacked by a shabby, hate-filled mob of Segregationists on Monday near Central High School. I decided not to run. If I were to be beaten, I’d take it walking if I could- not running.” When we leave, it exactly the time for students ready to leave. I found most of them are black, but still have some white students. They are classmates, study together and play together. It is a good situation for the black people. It shows all the people now the society is changed. Everyone have try them best to reduce the discriminations of black people and make all the people have equal rights and equal statues. I really love this city, do not have a lot of economic and everything is peaceful.

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