Saturday, January 15, 2011

01/14/2010 Little Rock, AR

When written in 1787, the first three words of the constitution included only white man landlords. Through the Bill of Rights and later amendments – as well as individuals fighting for their rights – did the legal definition of “We the People” expand.
Knowing something about little rock nine, the whole group arrived at the city and started another pilgrimage in Little Rock. In 1957, nine American African students who walked out from being silence and suddenly became the focus of the world. The media coined them “Little Rock Nine”. The whole event ended up with that the 101st Airborne troops escorted these nine students into the Central High School. The tour guide led us to the front side of the main teaching building of the Little Rock Central High School. Truly speaking, I didn’t know how beautiful is this school but until I really got there, everything is just wonderful. It’s a rather old school but age represents profound history. The tour guide told us that there is another high school only accepting black student at that time. However, the teaching quality and equipments are with huge different. Of course, the Central High School has more resources than another. Clearly, the segregation has a huge impact on education with colored people.
Walking into the building, the entire school is like a gallant castle. The Principal also told us some things about the student in Central High and several achievements they made. Then I found that the ratio of black and white students is around 50-50. Only 40 years, the civil rights movement has made such a great improvement.
Diversity is also another important factor for a school. In the introduction of the Principal, it seems like that the school is proud of the diversity part of the students from Asia, South America and other part of world. Obviously, these students are bringing the new things to the school and the whole community and that has been valued nowadays.

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