Friday, January 14, 2011

Little Rock Nine, Little Rock!!!

Little Rock Central High School was the site of forced school desegregation during the American Civil Rights Movement. It is still being used; it’s the only high school that is a part of the National Historic Site. This fabulous place is where we visited today.
We saw a lot of cherish historic material and data, such as 4 African American people were sitting down for their rights, and effect of Pearl Harbor Attacking to Japanese American. But the stuff that impressed me most was the Little Rock Nine, which is the reason why Little Rock Central High School is so famous and so important to the African American Civil Rights Movement as well.
The Little Rock Nine were a group of African-American students who were enrolled in Little Rock Central High School, which was a racially segregated school, in 1957. The ensuing Little Rock Crisis, even Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus prevented them to enter the school. Furthermore, on their first day of school, troops from the Arkansas National Guard would not let them enter the school and they were followed by mobs making threats to lynch, which was horrible.
But this crisis changed history a lot. The school has over 50 percent black students now, around 40 percent white, and rest are other ethnicities. Principal Nancy Rousseau said, they had never experienced such diverse, they are really proud of that. Though nowadays, the resegregation seems happen, Principal Rousseau told us an effective solution to change it; students are “forced” to sit with someone they didn’t know for meal one day of a week. That’s a good way to mix, to meet people from different residential, different areas, even different countries; to meet people have different color with you; to meet people speak different languages with you.
At last, let us share the motto of Little Rock Central High School: Ambition, Personality, Opportunity, and Preparation!

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