Sunday, January 9, 2011

A rich day

Today was a rich day, definitely. We went to a lot of places and learned lots of thing about civil right movements.

At morning, we went to church. This was my second time to attend church. As a Chinese student, I do not familiar with church and Bible, however, I saw people got together, sang together, pray to each other even they did not know before. I had to say religion has strong power to teach people to believe love and justice.

Then, I visited the Martin Luther King Museum near the church. Although I have already known much about Dr. King, I stilled learned lots of details of his life, especially for his family. What impressed me the most was his wife’s achievements. She inherited her husband’s legacy and spent her whole life to support movements. She is a women that over the shadow. In addition, I stopped by the house which Dr. King lived at his childhood. I was also surprised that Dr. King’s family might be at upper middle class at that time.

The most important parts today was went to Birmingham Civil Rights Institution. The institution used timeline to show us the whole process that African American struggled for their rights. When I walked through there, I felt those historical events were happening aside. That was amazing! It was ridiculous about the extreme segregation between the blacks and whites. It was moving that many unknown people sacrifice to fight for the rights for colored people. At the last part of the museum, I saw the video of Dr. King’s famous speech “I have a dream”. This was the first time I saw it on video. It gave me strong shock that words cannot bring to me. However, unfortunately, the museum still focus on the event itself, I did not see many things to describe the achievements done by women…….

This was a rich day, tired but meaningful.

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