Sunday, January 9, 2011

Something about Movement

Today we went to a Christian Church in Birmingham. It was my first time to listen the anthem like this. The feeling on that time was awfulness and holiness. Everyone just moved their body following the music and then began to pray for God. No matter who are you and where are you come from, you just need listen to your heart and think about what are you want.  I noticed that there are a lot of black people in the church but still have some white people.  There is a detail makes me very moved. We sang the song and hold each other’s hand, black and white get together. I guess it should be the ideal situation of black people that they can sit with white people as a friend. They can same opportunities to do what they want to.  After church services we went to the historic site of Martin Luther King. I found a lot of interesting information from there. Not only about Martin Luther King but also his wife-Correta Scott King.  That woman was Martin Luther King’s wife. She inspired King when he met problems or difficulties and she also was a rights activist. One thing is really surprised me that she had been to some famous universities to study different majors. After King died, she never gave up to struggle and continues her husband’s career well.  I begin to want to more things about this woman during this trip. Furthermore, today I also learned some other women who focused on civil rights and women rights. From the museum, I found at the end of the civil rights movement there are a lot white people joined too. Probably they just wants to make everybody have same rights around world.

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