Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ramble over New Orleans

Jan 13th 2011
Today we went to the African American Museum of Art. It is a small museum, but still has a lot of stories in this museum. There are two pictures gives me deep impression.  One is showing a black people take a gun and there are a lot of are died around him. This man has a wolf face and he killed all the people. I cannot believe a black people have the emotion like this. I do not know why the painter painted a picture to show people black people are violence.  Another is a white soldier was death by hanging by a black people. I think it usually happened in the opposite way in the past.  And today in the museum I also find something about Ku Klux Klan. Since the mid-20th century, the KKK has also been anti-communist. The current manifestation is splintered into several chapters and is classified as a hate group.
Today we have a good tour. We hang out the New Orleans. It is really a historic city. I love the architecture here.  There are a lot of houses built in the similar way but all of them are have different colors. I feel so surprise that there is nearly no public transportation here, for example subway. I find in New Orleans city have different style of the house in different streets. I think I will back here in the future.

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