Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hey, This Is New Orleans!

It was full of fun on the beach of the Gulf after a delicious lunch at Salute restaurant in Mississippi. The sky was so blue, but it was too cold to go out in the water as well. : (
Then we reached New Orleans yesterday afternoon, it’s a unique city. Our hotel locates in The French Corner, which is the coolest place of New Orleans. We had really local food Jambalaya there, it was great! Yummy!
This morning we were experiencing a perfect Civil Rights Tour, we visited bunch of places that related to African American Civil Rights in New Orleans on a tour bus. The New Orleans African American Museum of Art was awesome! I got a lot new knowledge of slavery. I saw some implements of punishment; shackles and choker; to prevent slaves escaping and keep slaves work all day. Salves were able to purchase the freedoms of them as well, there was some contrasts about this aspect. I got know that skilled slaves were able to create a lot of wealth. I feel sorry when I was hearing and reading this sad part history.
The activity we did this afternoon was the most interesting part of the whole day. We went Swamp Tour with AirBoat Adventures; we saw a lot of little gators!!! The scene there was more than beautiful, and gators were so cute! I took several pictures with gators (both fed and wild), it was totally new experience for me! Our tour guide of the airboat adventure was so cool; he caught two medium size gators from the swamp directly! It was a lot of fun!
I’m looking forward to Little Rock and Memphis a lot! But I don’t wanna get up so early tomorrow…

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