Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fun trip--New Orleans

Yesterday we arrived at New Orleans, and had a nice supper at French Corner. People are so crazy in every bar. Unluckily, I am underage. Today, we had a litter trip around the city. The car driver seems like being familiar with many residents here, because he can tell many households’ story, haha! I saw new houses for victims of Typhoon and floorwater; I know they suffered from these very much and hope they can recover at best state. At African-American Museum of Art, it shows many pictures reflecting African Americans’ life and culture. There was a contrast of slave on the wall: the slave needed to pay 400 dollars for his freedom, and 400 dollars are tons of money for a slave at the times. They had no human rights and should to wear manacles all day. The slaves fought against this system to free themselves! It seems like civil rights movements. The most interesting part today is to visit Swamp Tour with AirBoat Adventures! The tour guide told us how to distinguish gender of crocodiles, showed us how to let it open the mouth and how to catch it. I took many pictures with them. The two new-catching were very strong, and screamed because of our touching. YAY!They are so cute!!

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