Saturday, January 15, 2011

little rock trip

We visited Heifer Village at today morning. Heifer International is a nonprofit, humanization organization that works to end hunger and poverty and care for the earth. Heifer Village has been designed with environment quality in mind. What impressed me a lot was the green house there. With extensive use of natural light, water collection, natural and recycled materials, the building itself will prove as interesting and thought-provoking as the interactive exhibit experience. A volunteer leaded us to visit the whole building and explained green concepts designed for this building. He said the architect used green materials like wood and bamboo. In addition, the building used lots of green technologies to save and reuse the water and energy. This “green” headquarters represents Heifer International’s commitment to promote sustainable solutions that protect water quality, natural resources and the environment. “Building green on the Arkansas River, building hope around the world,” the architect said.

After lunch, we visited William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Center. Bill Clinton is one of the most outstanding presidents in American history, so I was very interested in this visiting to know his life and his thoughts. The center exhibited many things to describe the life of Clinton such as his childhood, his marriage, his political experience and his dream. What surprised me a lot was that Clinton paid a lot of attention on poverty. When he became president of United States, he appealed people to help African counties like Haiti to get rid of poverty. He is also a person to look forward the equity for African American. He ever said in his autobiography film that Dr. King’s “I have a dream” is the best political speech he heard in his life. In his term of office, America had the lowest unemployment, high economic growth and low inflation rate.

This was the penultimate day of our trip. It was fun and I am looking forward for our last day of trip.

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