Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day Seven--- City of Little Rock

We had went through our penultimate day of Civil Rights Pilgrimage, almost done.

We headed over at Heifer Green Building. This is a real high technology building. This building is actually the office of a nonprofit, humanitarian organization--- Heifer International. This organization works to end hunger and poverty and care for the Earth. In order to follow this tenet, this "green building" is a sample of pro-environment. This building using local materials cuts down on transorptation costs and fossil fuel use; and the wood floors are made from highly renewable bamboo. The stylist found the way for theis building to saving both energy and money.

Aftrer the Green Building tour, we went to William J. Cliton Presidential Library. In addition to archival collection and research facilities, the Cinliton presidential Library features echibits, special events, and educational programs. The museum includes replicas of the Oval Office and the Cabinet Room. Permanent exhibits utilize documents, photographs, videos and interactive atations. Atimeline and alcoves highlight domestic and foregin policy, as well as life in the White House.

I learned some thing which I have never heard before about president Cliton. Such as his contribution in the fields of civil rights movement and humanitarian assistance. Cliton is a good leader, a good father, and maybe he is a good husband. However, over all, he did a great job during the term of his office.

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