Saturday, January 15, 2011

Little Rock to Memphis

This morning we went to the Heifer International Center. Visitors from around the world will have the opportunity to learn how personal actions can be part of the solution to end poverty and hunger. In 2005, Heifer began working with evaluators form Western Michigan University to find out how well our model works to improve the lives of poor families. Until nowadays, Heifer had brought large overall benefits to very large numbers of low-income rural income. In Nepal, Heifer gave every family two goats and trains them how to improve their economy.

Heifer International Centre processes a project which named Pass on the gift. The Green House is an environment-friendly building, it used solar to create energy. The floor is made of bamboo, because of the growth period of bamboo is short. Also, this building is made of recycled and recyclable material and situated in an east-west direction to optimize natural daylight. From the annual report of 2009, there was a project named gender equity. Gender equity is means both men and women have the same opportunity to share the resources include education and medical care.

At noon we went to downtown to have lunch, but most of them were closed. Finally, we ate sandwiches in the bus.

At the afternoon, we visited the William J. Clinton Presidential Library. I saw a video about the Clinton’s lifetime. He is the smartest president in the United States of America. He is good at what he want to do but not good at listen to other people. So he became the youngest governor in the country, and then became the youngest ex-governor. He brought the development of this country ten years, and led this country rank of the top of the world. He is the president I admire most.

We had a big meal at the night, Chinese food, I enjoy the time.

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