Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another Day in Little Rock

It was a fun day with nothing that related to civil rights today (you know, Civil Rights is never fun, that’s serious). We went to Heifer Village and William Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock today.
The Heifer International is a nonprofit charitable organization based in Little Rock, Arkansas. The Heifer is devoting to relieving global hunger and poverty. It provides gifts of livestock and plants, as well as education in sustainable agriculture around the world. The building of Heifer International is really cool, 70 percent of the building could be recycle, such as carpet and bamboo floor. Most of the cooling water and water used in toilet are rain water or snow water. It was really good to know so many new environmental stuffs. I really appreciate the charitable enterprise that Heifer has done and that Heifer is doing. China is one of the countries that is benefit from Heifer’s enterprise.
William Clinton Presidential Library was awesome as well. I was kind of young when President Clinton was rising to the power, so I wasn’t that familiar with him before I visited his library today. I think Clinton is a glamorous man with sense of humor. He was the youngest governor, and the third youngest president of the whole American history. He made the lowest unemployment rate and the highest economic growth rate of 30 years. He promoted the US became the strongest and most wealthy country than it has ever been. He was trying to find peace during his 8 years. Most people agree, President Clinton is one of the best Presidents of America. I admire the EX- First Lady Hillary a lot as well. She was meeting Bill in the law library of Yale, which is the best thing that Bill has ever experienced (quoted by Bill Clinton, TOT). She is an amazing woman with strong personality and ability; she is the current Secretary of State and devoting her intelligence to The Union. Clintons are definitely pretty outstanding. There are a lot we can learn from them.
Tomorrow, in Memphis, is the last day of the trip. Then we’re hanging back to Eau Claire, pretty excited!!!

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