Saturday, January 15, 2011

Little Rock Central High school

The most time of today was staying on the bus, so I was very tired when we arrived at Little Rock Central High school. After I got off the bus, the cool wind blew me slightly which made me feel better from the fatigue. Therefore, I began to focus on looking at this famous high school.

The Little Rock Central High school was famous on its desegregation on the civil rights movements. I saw a lot of evidence and events happened at that time in its visitor center. I was very impressed on the nine black students which transferred to Little Rock Central High school to insist on its educational right on this white student only high school at that time. The world watched as they braved constant intimidation and threats from those who opposed desegregation of the formerly all-white high school. I admired their bravery to pursue their dreams and their rights. This event was the beginnings of the desegregation at 1957, after then, black students succeed to have rights study on this school.

After visiting the visitor center, we saw the main building of Little Rock Central High school. This building was grand and full of beauty. When I got into it, I found four words carved on the top of the doorposts which were “ambition, personality, opportunity and preparation”. I thought this was its school motto. Then we had a wonderful time with one of school principal. She introduced the history and culture of Little Rock Central High school. She also described many honors and features of school. I thought she was very proud of her school.

As one of important sites in civil rights movements, Little Rock Central High school was beautiful and impressed me a lot. I saw many black and white students played together gladly after they finished class. At least in this school, Dr. King’s dream comes true.

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