Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fun trip--little rock!

Little Rock is a place I look forward to visiting after I read Sisters’ Struggle. I am very interested in nine students, and how they have that chance to transfer to Little Rock Central High School—all-white school. Before it, government implemented “segregate, but equal” policy; but the blacks still considered it was not enough because no equal is based on no segregation. So organizations as NAACP asked for it. Finally, in 1954, the Supreme Court announced its unanimous decision outlawing segregation in elementary and secondary schools. Therefore, nine students can have chance to be transferred to Little Rock Central High School. They prevented from entering school by Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus through Arkansas National Guard, and allowed to attend by President Eisenhower. This action needed them ambition, personality, opportunity, and preparation—as school motto advocated. In the school, they still have different classrooms, and were discriminated by most schoolmates and some teachers. Even they stayed at center high school, but they didn’t achieve what they eager best—equal and respect. They needed to solve more racial problems and more stress—a year of physical and verbal abuse. They noticed that ”Integration is a much bigger word than I thought”; however, they still thought this decision was right: if no person want to go first step, nothing will change!
I feel the most horrible thing is not you dare do something that others are afraid to do; it is you dare do or keep doing it, when you notice all negative elements and crisis to you. Those are persons who I am proud of! They know what they need to do and never think of stopping achieving it; undoubtedly, they are heroes as these nine students.                                    

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