Thursday, January 13, 2011

forth day

Yesterday, we travelled on the bus whole day, form the Selma to New Orleans. We had lunch, Italian meal, beside the beach. We went to the beach when we finished our meals. The beach was good, but as good as I thought. But the good thing is I relaxed myself after a long time trip.
Today, we went sightseeing by the bus and the bus driver told us the story about this city. Then, I bought a postcard from the store. At last we went to the African-American museum. I knew something about slavery system. Slavery is a man as property, living in drudgery. The slave population rose to four million in 1860. The owner gave their slaves manacles on their body; the slaves had to sleep in the chair. When the slaves got the documents, they got the freedom. I remembered Joanne said she wanted to be a white people when she was a child. Also, she believed a lot of black children had the same dream with her. Because there were many rules in their life; white children had more rights than them. Another terrible experience from her is about the movement, she had joined in a movement before. And the police came from front and back to beat them. You cannot step to help others, because you had to run, if not, you would be beaten by the police. I hope this horrible age would be past soon. At the afternoon went to the marsh. I took a lot of picture with crocodile. We had a very nice and skilled tour guide.  Although, I almost frozen in the boat, today is a happy day.

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