Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Orleans--a unique city

After a delicious lunch at the Salute restaurant in Mississippi, we arrived at New Orleans. Before coming here, I just knew the huge hurricane hit here at 2005 and the New Orleans Hornets, which is one of my favorite basketball team in NBA.

Through more than one day trip at New Orleans, I learned a lot about this city and found that this city is unique. Last night we went to French Quarter to have a dinner. I was surprised that French Quarter was such a multicultural place. We can find people come from all around the world got together here.

Today morning, we took a tour bus to visit this unique city. The bus driver was our tour guide and he was very fun. He took us to go around many famous and representative places in New Orleans and told us the historical stories behind those buildings. I learned a lot from him about the history and culture in New Orleans. It was a wonderful city!

Then, we went to the Zulu Land which was an African American museum showing the historical facts about the slavery. Although it was a small museum, it listed much evidence and exhibited lots of things that can show the miserable life of slaves. Western countries rob the black labor from African for nearly two and a half centuries, I cannot imagine how Africans can survive from this huge disaster. Until today, Africans suffer from wars and instability. It is unfair for them; I hope developed countries can help them get rid of the poverty.

I saw a lot and thought a lot today, sometimes, I even don’t know how to describe my thought and emotion in words. Anyway, I bless the people in this city can have a wonderful future.

We will go to little rock tomorrow and we need to get on bus at 5:15 at morning, Jesus……., have a good night for me and for New Orleans.

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