Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fun trip--little rock!Heifer~interesting place

Today is a free time day. I enjoy Heifer International Center. Their goal is green hope—to improve the environment by protecting and enhancing natural resources.  In visitor room, I saw a great model of recycling farming system including trees, animals, vegetable, hill and streams. It seems like the best green farming system in the world, perfect use of nature resources. They also use 4 years to design a green building with many special ideas inside: 1. Collect rain for slashing in toilet 2. Use V roof to collect solar 3. Design narrow office building 4. Use recycled and recyclable materials for bathroom stalls and carpets 5. Utilize local material, expect bamboo floor. It is very interesting that tour guide told us the floor is accidented because of ladies’ heel.
Heifer also focuses on taking actions like providing food, organizing volunteers and improving education condition to help the poor. They think young people have the power to change the world. There are lots of their effect on Wenchuan earthquake in China, and Haiti.
Heifer finds its role and spirit in society, and does very well. I think even Heifer is not one of the biggest company, but it achieves its responsibilities and worth my applauding!

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