Sunday, January 16, 2011

The last time in Little Rock

Today we went to the Heifer first. it is a international company which focus on protect environment and recyclable materials. Recycled and recyclable materials were used throughout the 94,000 square foot office building. Countertops, bathroom stalls and carpets are all made of recycled materials. And most of the steel used throughout the structure is recycled. The wood floors are made from highly renewable bamboo. Heifer international is committed to improving the environment by promoting agro ecological practices that protect and enhance natural resources. Heifer trains project participants in sustainable agriculture that uses a balance of livestock and plants to fulfill the needs of both people and nature. This way, people in need become more self-reliant while protecting the Earth. And this company have a conception is young people have the power to change the world.
 After that we went to the William Clinton presidential library. In my memory, Bill Clinton is the first president of America. In my mind, he is a friendly and thoughtful president. He love peace and he is humor. When I was a child, I remember he has his own way to solve all the delicacy problems, even though it is important political events. His wife is Hillary Clinton is an attractive woman. She has dream and she also has capabilities to do what she want to do and at the same time she gives her husband a lot helps and suggestions.  Bill and Hillary met when they studied at Yale Law University. All of them are graduated from Yale Law University. Bill Clinton has two term of his president career.   Today I also looked the office and the security measures when Bill was the 42th president of America. There are a lot of collections from different countries send to him or his family as a gift. Of course some of them come from China.  It is very different from my place, in my country the gift could be the personality gift, so the president do not need donated it. It is really an interesting day. I have learned a lot.

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