Sunday, January 9, 2011

From Atlanta to Birmingham

Today has been quite an awesome day. We started it off at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. The service was awesome. Everyone was so welcoming, the choir was soulful, and the sermon was so real, powerful, and inspirational. God doesn't only reach out to those that are prosperous, but He reaches out to the poor, the unclean, the sick, and the prostitutes. This just reminds us that we are able to do great things, we have the power to change things just like those in the Civil Rights Memorial.

After church we headed over to the MLK Memorial. When I was younger I had visited the site, but I didn't remember much so it was still an experience to remember. I got to tour the birth home of MLK, which was awesome to see how the house was set up as it was at the time of MLK's birth. I must say though, I have a completely different view on MLK after learning about the women of the movement especially Ella Baker, which I think she is becoming my hero.

Well after the memorial we went to Birmingham to the Civil Rights Institute. This was such a powerful memorial and so moving. I was very impressed with it. While we were driving to Birmingham we watched a documentary about the 16th Street Church Bombing. I have not heard much about this event in the past and it was so moving. I can't believe the hatred that people had, and how this hatred and violence was also directed towards children and taught to children. Kids were dying at the hands of adults and other kids. This is just incredible, and how children were taught to hate others by their parents. So incredible. I just can't believe how society was and how in some respects people still are. And the sad thing is, there are so many people that don't know a lot about the movement except for the main hero portrayed people from the movement. And its crazy to think that after so little time we are taught so little about the movement, just imagine how little the knowledge could become after many more years. I hope we can work to keep people informed and to keep this movement alive. I know I will teach my children about it.

Unfortunately, the snow has followed us to Alabama, so some of the events we have scheduled for tomorrow have been canceled, but I know that the student coordinators are working really hard to keep it all moving. And I'm sure we will still have a very enjoyable tomorrow. It just means I will for sure have to visit the South again!

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  1. I hope you do visit the south again, and I promise we're doing our best to fit as much in as possible as soon as we are able to travel! Thank you for being so optimistic about the change of plans! :)