Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day Two---From Atlanta to Birmingham

Let me talk something about the second day of the civil rights pilgrimage. Today is much busy and substantial than yesterday.

We hit the road to Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta for attending a service. When we arrive there was a little bit late, but that's doesn't matter too much. Dr. Martin Luther King's father was a pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church, and MLK jr.'s grandfather was also as a pastor at there. The experience in Ebenezer Baptist Church was awesome! Everybody was very welcoming in that church, and men's choir was terrific as well. I don't know the choir could sing the anthem in that way, but over all, that was really great. Over this church service experience, the southern style church gives me a deep impression.

When we left Ebenezer Baptist Church, some of our group members went to MLK's birth house. As a result of the tickets of that house is limited, so I did not get the chance to visit there. However, surround Ebenezer Baptist Church, there are some places else to let visitors spend their time. After the church service I went to MLK Memorial. I saw numbers of Dr. King's stuffs over there, and I have learned a lot of stories between Dr. King and his wife Coretta Scoot King. Dr. King was a great leader of the American Civil Rights Movement, and his wife has amazing achievements as well.

After our morning events about MLK, we were hit the road to Birmingham. Through around two hours bus ride, we headed over to our first stop in brimingham, Institute of Civil Rights. That is a very nice museum and I was very impressed with it. The exhibites in chronological order, so that when we went through the museum, we just like went through the history. The stuffs in this museum not only have pictures, specifications and sculptures, but also has some technological things, such as the videos and reflection recording area. I feel very sad of the unfair treatment which blcak people used have during 1950s- 1970s. I'm also scandalized at white people's privileges. This museum also mentioned about socual justuce movements worldwide. One of them is Tiananmen Squqre Movement in China, 1989. I feel so sad about that, not just because a lot of people were killed in that movement, but there are so many Chinese young generation don't know a lot about this. This piece of history event is fading away, because of the government's censorship. To keep this history alive, we should speak out this events to our afterworld.

According to the plan, tomorrow we are going to join the class in the University of Alabana Birmingham and visit Rosa Parks Museum and Library. However, unfortunately, snowstrom just followed us from EC to Atlanta, and now it comes with us to Birmingham. So the events on tomorrow might be canceled. We have no idea what we gonna do, but Jodi and our coordinators are working on it. Thank you Jodi, Nick, Mary and Sarah.

Well, no matter what we are going to do tomorrow, I have to go to bed right now, I'm super tired. Good night guys!

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  1. Thank you to YOU for being open to the day today, even though we are not able to travel. I know we are working to still fit as much in as possible tomorrow so you can have a good experience in Montgomery!

    It has been very fun getting to know you, and I am excited to know more about you throughout the rest of the trip! :)