Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day Five---- New Orleans

This is our second day in New Orleans.

Last night, we went to the French Quarter for dinner. I have been to New Orleans last year this time. to compare with last year, this time New Orleans is much more stagnant. Just few people in the French Quarter, and a lot of restaurants and entertainment place are closed. I can not figure out the reason; the weather, the work day or economy, I don't know.

This morning we started of a bus tour. The bus driver is a funny black man. He introduce to us the history and lots of information about New Orleans. Thar was fun. After that, we went to New Orleans African American Museum. The museum is pretty small, but I learned a lot from there. Some information I have never heard before, such as the slaves were not only African people, but also other colored people form all over the world. They could be black, but also could be Asian and White. What's more, slaves in New Orleans must have at least one skill, and they can use this skill to make money. For example, you a slave is a good cook, so if there were some people have a party of dinner the cook slave was asked to be there cook for them. In that museum I was amazing, I can't believe some white people or the people who were called slave owners did so many horrible events to slaves. I feel sorry and sad about that.

When we got out of that museum, we even didn't have time for lunch, some of us just straight went to swampland tour . That was really fun, but cold! We went into a huge swampland area. There are so many wild species. We even got an opporunity to hold a small crocodile! That was so cool.

I can't write more today, because I feel so tired and we are going to load bus at 5:15 tomorrow morning. So that I gonna go to bed immediately. Night guys. Joe's out....

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