Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Day!

          I almost spent a day in the bus. I never travelled by bus for such a long time before. Firstly, I cannot sleep in the bus, because the cold air conditioner and the bumped in the bus. Anyway, I fell asleep at the midnight. However, this trip is also good and cost-efficient. I saw a movie, Ghosts of Mississippi, in the morning which is describe a widow of murdered civil rights leader Medger Evers and a district attorney struggle to finally bring the murderer to justice. After the lunch, we departed for Atlanta. We spent almost three hours in Atlanta for visited. At first, my friends and I went to the world of Coco Cola and I bought a black hat and a cute sweater with Coco Cola’s bear. Then, we walked in the Olympic Park and took some pictures of Atlanta. Last, our guys went to the CNN Center. The most amazing thing is I know how to transcribe the news. Also, I know the secrets about the “green wall” and how the disappear in front of us. We had a happy time in the afternoon and we must have a good rest at night to prepare the journey for tomorrow.
          For the Freedom’s daughters, I think some men were not brave than the women in that time. The women took up a gun to protect their civil right. Even though they know they face the issue of get into jail. The Women of Civil Right Movement is to help the blacks found the power by themselves to change their own life and promoted their status in the society.
          Anyway, I am very expecting the journey of tomorrow!

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