Saturday, January 8, 2011

The first day in Atlanta

It is the first day for our trip. Atlanta is our first destination. Before we arrived here, I must say we really spend a long time on the bus. On the bus we watched some movies about civil rights and women rights. There are two movies shocked me a lot. One is Remember the Titans and other is the Ghosts of Mississippi. Remember the Titans is about the African American and white athletes of the football team frequently clash in the racially motivated conflicts at their football camp. However, after forceful coaxing and rigorous athletic training by Coach,the team achieves both racial harmony and triumph. After returning from football camp, Coach is told by a member of the school board that if he loses even a single game, he will be fired. Subsequently, the Titans go through the season undefeated. But before the state semi-finals, the captain met a automobile accident that he is no longer able to play. This movie is a good example that black and white and about the discriminations. I am so moving at the end of the movie. When the Bertier meet the accident, the first people he wants to meet is his black friend. At the end, white and black people get together without discrimination.  And the ghost of Mississippi is about a white people murdered the black civil rights leader, but because at that time, the discriminations for the black is very badly. On that time, the killer was innocent by the court. It is unfair but it becomes the true. But many years later, leader’s wife still wants to get the fair result. Then at the end the killer was published. When we arrived Atlanta we went to the world of Coca Cola. It is my first time to see such a lot of kind of Coca Cola. There are more 60 kinds of drink you can have a try and I have watched he 4D movie. There are some exquisite collections on the show. All of these are made of Coca Cola’s bottles.
I am so exciting for our trip.

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