Saturday, January 8, 2011

The 1st of Civil Rights Pilgrimage, Atlanta, we're coming

After nearly a whole day on the bus, we left Eau Claire and reached Atlanta, GA. Because of a little bit of delay, the Gimmy Carter Library and Museum was not available, but we still went to a lot of interesting and meaningful places.
We were dropped off at downtown Atlanta around 3:30pm. There are a lot of scenic spots in the downtown Atlanta, such as the World of Coca- Cola, the World Headquarters of CNN, and Olympic Park. I have visited all of these places. It was really a lot of fun of hanging out in the World of Coca- Cola. Bunch of commercials through the whole world were projected, the commercial of Coco- Cola showed in Malaysia impressed me a diverse country. Over sixty kinds of beverage were provided for traveler to taste; some of them were tasty but just some of them. : ) Ps, I didn’t have Nestle Iced Tea (the kind is that just sold in China) for a long time; I was excited of having it today!!! The World Headquarters of CNN is another place I will recommend you to go. The tour of looking around the inside of CNN was full of fun and full of knowledge. A girl went with us has even experienced to be an announcer to report the weather today! I’ve strongly experienced that CNN is really a sacred land of journalists, which has unique and wonderful atmosphere as well as best facilities.
By the way, I was really touched by the movie Ghosts of Mississippi, which was played on the bus. It’s probably the only part we have done that could be related to the Civil Rights today. It told me that just 50 years ago, leading Civil Right Movement was an unbearable stuff by conservative whites, and pretty dangerous. The ending was good; anyway, Justice delayer is still justice. The film showed us the difficult and respectful procedure of Civil Rights Movement.

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