Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Deeper Understand

After one day stayed at hotel, we went to the next destination—Montgomery. Historically, there were several significant events happened there during civil rights movements. We visited civil rights memorial center at first. In front of the center, there is a circular timeline table which carves the name of victims during the movements. The topic of this center is water which represents Dr. King’s hope--”until justice rolls down like waters”. When I touched the name on the timeline, I felt I got connection to souls of those who died during the movements. Another thing impressed me a lot there was wall of tolerance. After my name appeared on the screen, I thought I need to do something to struggle for equality.

Then, we went to dexter avenue king memorial Baptist church. When I entered the church, I saw a wall which describes the whole life of Dr. King and other important figures who were involved in civil rights movements. We also visited Dr. King’s office that he worked from 1954 to 1960. It made us closer to Dr. King’s life and his achievements.

After having a lunch, we went to Selma whose population was almost African American. We met our wonderful native tour guide, Jonna, at this small town. She is an outstanding black woman who was involved in civil rights movements and even met president Obama. She talked about many real stories about movements and leaded us visited many significant historical places.

We had a dinner at local preschool. After dinner, we volunteered to help them clean the house. I was very glad to be a volunteer when I saw those black children smile. They are soooo cute! And they are the hope for the future. I hope at their generation, African American can have full equality. It was moving when Jonna embraced Paul. At that moment, the gap between the blacks and whites disappeared and Dr. King’s dream comes true!

I understand deeper about the relationship between blacks and whites today. It is not as simple as I thought. I believe I will found a deeper meaning at following days.

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