Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A rich day in Alabama

Today is a long day and also a rich day for us. We went to Montgomery first.  The civil rights memorial shocked me a lot when I saw it with the light. Black background makes all the people cannot help recalling the past time when the civil rights movement happened, and white words makes us remember all pioneers who donated their lives for struggle the rights even though spend their whole live.  At the beginning, I didn’t noticed that there are some water covered the memorial, but when I touched it the cold feeling through all my body on one moment. I looked at the memorial, the water flowed on it all the pioneers’ names seems too dazzling. It is my first time feel closing to the civil rights movement so much. It is really hard to explain the feeling when I touched the cold water and watched the names. Then we went to the tour of civil rights. There is a burnt clock on the main hall. It is a warning to remain people to remember the history and what had happened here in the past.
After that we went to the Selma still in Alabama. On the way we watched the movie Rosa Parks’ Story. It is the true story about Rosa Parks. It is hard for me to imaging that if one day I need get a permission to have a seat on the bus. I really appreciation Rosa’s courage which is fight with unfair and try to her own life by herself. Actually I felt a little bit anger when her husband did not agree with her, because I think on that time family’s support is the most powerful motivation. However her husband just thought she was been used by someone else. Just as well, at the end he understood everything she did and he understood all the meaning she did and began to stay with her. Rosa is an extraordinary woman who will be remembered for a long time.
Today we took dinner in a school. I cannot believe that could be a school. Actually it is just a building with a lot of rooms. Even if like this there are a lot of local children are study there. Most of them are black almost 70% or 80%. Their parents think their children can learn more thing here than to a public school.  After dinner everyone help school and our new tour guide to clear the school staff and kitchen. It not too hard for us, but the point is everyone is happy and enjoy. Today is a long day, but I think I will remember it for a long long time. Tomorrow, New Oreland, I am coming!

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