Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fun trip—Montgomery! Selma!

Today we went to Civil Rights Memorial Center, Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church, and pre-school. Civil Rights Memorial records 40 significant people in revolution. It’s a new one because the original one was destroyed by a bomb. I saw their fighting process on the wall, and felt that more the people joined in, stronger they will be, wider effect will be such as there were 50,000 black citizens joined activist Rosa Parks in boycotting city buses in Montgomery for 381 consecutive days to protest unfair treatment. I think all people need to remember this movement, especially the blacks and the whites so that they can keep today’s peace and happiness better.
It’s lucky to hear Joanne’s lifelong participation in movement. I am deep moved by what she said and think a lot: every black kid is treasure at her/his home, their parents love them, take care of them; but at school, they are separated and treated differently by classmates; they are told that they can’t do this or that; these things must hurt them a lot, and hard to be forgot! So I think the white need to show they are friendly enough first, then the black can be friends with you, not hate you or afraid of you. The black’s feeling is similar to this situation: you bit by a poisonous snake, then you may be afraid all snakes for your left lifetime, or you may hate snakes. They not only need the economic help, but also the mental help. The first thing and the most important thing we can do is real no discrimination in our minds. After it, we can be volunteers as we do today and make donations. If I have the chance, I want to be a teacher for them, because they pay much attention to education but not improve very well.

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