Saturday, January 8, 2011

The day in Atlanta

Through the one night in the bus we finally arrive in the Atlanta. Today is sunny. It is good news for me. I have not seen the sun for several days in Eau Claire. Now I can enjoy the warm sunshine. Today I visited the World of Coca Cola and the CNN Center in Atlanta.

When we got off the bus, my friends and I went to the World of Coca Cola. It is a great place, because Coca Cola plays a important role in my life. I drink it every day. So it is a good chance to know it. At first, the guard of the Coca Cola introduces something about the Coca Cola. Then we saw a video. The video’s name is The Happiness Factory. It is a cartoon video. It introduces that what happened after a people put a coin into the Coke Cola machine. It is an interesting video. Then we went to the second floor. We watched Coke Cola’s advertisement around the world. And we tasted different Coca Cole’s products in different counties. That is so awesome. Some Coca Cola products in different countries are tasted different.

After we visited the World of Coca Cola, we got through the Olympic Park. Then we arrived at the CNN Center. We spent fifty minuets on visiting the CNN Center. Through the visiting I know that how the host works. The CNN spreads the entire world. Almost every country has the CNN’s reporters. So the CNN can get the world’s news speedy. That sounds so cool. We also saw the CNN’s workers how to prepare for the News. There were three or four computer screens in front of every person.

Today is a great start. I saw a lot of interesting things. I hope I can see some interesting things in other cities. Have a good day!!!

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