Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Start of Our Journey

To put it lightly, it has been a long bus filled journey so far. We spent pretty much a day on the bus and I didn't get that much sleep, and not quality sleep either. But I am still awake and made it through the day.

We got into Atlanta today in the later afternoon, and spent our free time downtown. I went to the Coca Cola museum and was able to wander around downtown with a friend which was really nice after the many hours spent trapped on the bus, which my body is totally feeling, and I'm sure I will feel it even more tomorrow.

I'm really excited to really get into the civil rights focused museums. After a week learning about the women of the movement and talking about it, it will be nice to get to experience what we were talking about in museum form. I'm interested in seeing how the information is represented and how much focus there is on the women of the movement.

From all the things that I have been reading and studying about I'm starting to get upset about how history represents the leaders of the movement. It is upsetting that those that truly deserve the recognition are not given it. Maybe they will be represented more equally at the museums we go to. I guess I'll know a little more tomorrow. Hopefully I don't feel like we don't have enough time at the MLK monument.

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