Saturday, January 8, 2011

All beginning

After nearly one day travling on bus, we finally arrived at Atlanta. This is the longest trip I stay on the bus ever, tired, of course, excited as well. Atlanta is colder than my expect, but we had a wonderful time when we walked around the downtown.

I visited Coca Cola center after we got off the bus. It is interesting and full of fun espectially for the movie which showed us how a bottle of coke is being made of in cartoon. Also, I was amazing that Coca Cola has 500 brands around the world. Many brands I familiar with are belong to Coca Cola. In one of room, the center supplies many of kinds of drinkings belong to Coca Cola for tourist to drink for free. Unfortunately, I felt bad for my stomach today............, anyway, this is a good way to attract tourist and propagate the knowledge of Coca Cola.

The second step was going to CNN center. We got the last time that can entry there and time was limited for us at that time. Actually, I was not very interested on going to CNN center at first, however, I was wrong. This visiting widen my horizon of the news and press. I knew how a TV station works and how complex it is. In addition, as a computer science major student, I am pround that IT technology changed press and news a lot. I began to consider that working in a press is a good idea......

Anyway, it is a tired but interesting beginning, I hope we will have a good time at church tomorrow.

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