Saturday, January 8, 2011

01/08/2010 Atlanta,GA

After driving for several hours, we have reached our first stop -- Atlanta.

I've been to almost 30 states in US from east to west but Atlanta for me is the first time. It's a rather bigger city comparing to EC but definitely smaller than my hometown. I'm pretty sure that my feeling is different from most of others because I'm here for something.

Since we were late on the schedule, the bus directly stopped right beside the coca-cola center at around 3pm. Bought the ticket, I walked into the building and began to re-know what I have drunk for 20 years brand -- Coca-cola. Besides watching ads and videos, I found lots of factors about China, which lighted up my curiosity that China, nowadays, is acting more and more important role in US and even the whole world. Another interesting thing is that there is a beverage lounge with the coca-cola products from different countries. It's the first time that I was able to try to drink all different beverages from other counties.

Coming out from coca-cola center, Joe and I decided to find someplace where we can drink some coffee. It ended to be that finally we found a coffee shop in the Georgia World Congress Center. Suffering enough cold wind, we eagerly got in and each of us had a cup of hot coffee. Up until then, I just find that it's already had substantially differences between north America and south. First one is race, and second is people's accent. The ratio of black people is way more than where we from, though it's still not very south. I could prospect when the pilgrimage carries on, more and more significant things are showing up, and also, civil rights movement is being close to us.

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