Sunday, January 10, 2010

A busy day is a good day :)

Today was even better than yesterday! Today we did multiple Civil Rights activities. We started out at Ebenezer Baptist Church. The service was outstanding. Tony mentioned how friendly the members would be but I was astounded at how they welcomed us with open arms. They shook our hands, double shook our hands, and some women even gave us hugs! The choir gave me chills as they sang several of their hymns. The pastor preached about 'Haters' and was full of energy, emotion, and motivation. It was such a moving service, and I love how the pastor addressed that we are all in different areas and stages in our relationship with God. It helped me to feel more at home and accepted since I am still developing my relationship with God. Such a great experience, I'm so glad we went.

Following the sermon we went to the MLK Historical Sites. There was so much to see! The information center, the birthplace, and the tomb. Two things really stuck with me that I read, one is that MLK Jr. was arrested 14 times! Yet we mostly only hear about his arrest that led to his famous "A Letter From A Birmingham Jail". The second item of information was an exerpt from MLK Jr. and it talked about a night when he felt defeated. He was sitting in the kitchen of his home feeling worn out, and he felt like he would have to let down the people because he just couldn't do it anymore. That night, in the kitchen he prayed to the Lord, who renewed his strength. Three days later his house was bombed, yet his courage and faith never wavered.

We left Atlanta and traveled to Birmingham. We saw the Civil Rights Institute which was convieniently located by the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church and Kelly Ingram Park. The Institute was AMAZING! However it was slightly overwhelming with all of its information. Once I realized there was no way I could read it all, I tried to focus on several points that I knew little about. For example, the two boys who were also killed on that terrible Sunday in Birmingham when the bombing occured. These two boys were killed in ways that were coward and pointless. One was shot in the back by a police officer who claimed he saw the boy do something, and the second boy was shot in the head while riding on the handlebars of his brother's bicycle by another 16 year old boy. I had no idea. This museum was so great and moving, it really displays the tragedy and emotion within the movement. I really hope to go back again someday to further experience and retain information.

We went to Golden Corral for dinner. [THANK YOU JODI]. I am currently so stuffed that I have limited movements! But it will give me more time to reflect on all that has happened today. Tomorrow we have another busy day and I can't wait!! [<3].

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