Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Final Days of Trip

Sarah Gonzalez, trip co-organizer, standing in the tribute garden at the Central High School Historical Site. Tony Och, Trip Co-Organizer, tries out the President's chair at the Bill Clinton Presidential Library.
Celebrating Sarah Gonzalez's 21st birthday in Memphis.

The Civil Rights Center in Memphis.

Slave Haven....a tour of an underground railroad site in Memphis.

This visit was so impactful and helped us to understand the history of slavery.
Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. Students were so moved that hate would run so deep that the citizens of Little Rock would cancel school for all high school students for one year rather than integrate the schools.

We had a brief tour of the Bill Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock.
Our tour guide of the Memphis civil rights sites- Ms. Patricia Turner. She did a wonderful job of sharing the history of the Memphis civil rights movement. She also shared her personal story of being arrested, marching in Selma, marching on Washington. It was so powerful to hear the story from a first-person perspective.
Our whole group at the site of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination. This was a very sad and painful day, but a good way to bring the trip to a close.

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