Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Taking the Grim out of Pilgrimage..

Civil Rights Pilgrimage. Does "what's that?" run through your mind? Well it ran through mine. In fact I wasn't really sure what I had signed up for as I was just thinking of getting out of the cold in Wisconsin. Going south? Sure sounds like a splendid idea :) Improved my US geography?.. that I did!

Here was a mini map I drew the day before the trip so I knew where exactly I was going.

Those '__' are the States, whereas those with '*' are the capitals. Besides Martin Luther King (Happy Birthday!) and Rosa Parks, I hardly knew anything about the history and the whole involvement. Once I read 'Roll of Thunder hear my Cry' for my highschool Lit class, but no one explained what the Jim Crow laws were and no one bothered asking as well.

I have learnt so much from this trip. Really. In fact the way of convincing you that I did would be by stating a few of what I have absorbed .. like a shamwow.

- The Underground Railroad
How interesting to find out that sharks still swim through the route where they had once thrown those who died from the conditions in the ship and also that designs on quilts and music carried messages.
I purchased one of the flutes at the Slavehaven (which some of you have heard :P) to serve as a reminder as the song Amazing Grace has played in some significant parts of my life.

- Central High School desegregation
I found the poster with the reflection of the nine students really well portrayed.

Quite a refreshing way of taking one's stand isn't it?

-Freedom Rides
This was slightly different because more people of different races got involved in it and were willing to risk getting jailed and beaten.

-Voting Rights
I felt the unfairness and anger in the Rosa Parks movie, how ridiculous it was back then.

-Martin Luther King
From his tombstone, to where he preached, to the place he was assassinated, I learnt so much more about this history maker.

This picture taken in Selma through the window (with the Bridge below), at the museum where Joanne was.

I love this quote!
I'm just really glad that I've made good use of my winter break and have met people who took time to learn more about their history. Even though the New Orleans service opportunity was less than what I expected it to be, I however did enjoy the trip. Being Singaporean doesn't matter, as I feel more appreciative of the world WE all live in. Now when I look at President Obama, I feel so proud that we have come this far.


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