Friday, January 16, 2009


The night before I left little Waunakee to go on this trip I packed a little and thought for the first time about what might happen on this trip. I knew traveling to so many states in one trip would be fun, and the feeling of freedom exciting, but I was also nervous because I didn't know what exactly to expect besides that. Now that the trip is almost over I see that feeling so nervous and timid was silly because the people I have met have made this trip an irreplaceable experience. I have met so many positive, caring, and funny people! Because of this I was able to chill out and enjoy this experience down south as much as possible. I think I should really stress how thankful I am to be here and how enjoyable this past week(plus) has been.. I think some people might be wondering whether or not I am really having fun here because I am slightly more reserved and don't always express my thoughts and feelings. But inside I am so happy that I chose to come on this trip to learn more about my own country's history, meet new people, and learn more about myself. Plus I got to learn more about a few other countries too!
Every day of this trip has truly been an adventure and has given me the opportunity to think about things I wouldn't have by staying in Wisconsin. This trip would not have been the same without the service opp, bourbon street, the people, Ebenezer church, the museums, and everything else! Hearing the stories of the brave people who fought for what is right during the Civil Rights Movement made me really think about lucky I am to have all the freedom and rights that I do. I wonder what I would have done if I would have been alive at that time. Going to the Heifer Ranch today reminded me that not everyone has the same kind of life that I do and made me want to change the way I live for the better. And to enjoy all the wonderful aspects of my life (big and small) and to remember to thank God for every day. Being in so many big cities has been very exciting. They are so busy and there is so much to see! Being out of my element for awhile and traveling down south has been a wonderful opportunity that I am so thankful for!

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