Sunday, January 18, 2009

an amazing experience

This trip was definetely something that I have never experience before. Being a non-american citizen, I did not know many details from the US history of civil rights, especially about segregation. At that moment my country was part of USSR, and it is sad to realize that even the United States that supported freedom and democracy, in fact supported an extreme discrimination against people of another races. Being on this trip I also found out how brave were some outstanding people, who were not afraid to fight for a real goal, a real history, a real life... They did not care for their lives - they were ready for everything, in order to achive the equality and freedom.
All these stories of exceptionally brave people, as Dr. Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and others, inspired myself, and gave me some ideas how can I contribute to bring positive changes into my society, which does need democratic changes.

Also, I was very exciting to found out about history and specific culture of the population of the South of the USA. Moreover, I have seen the ocean for the first time!

I am very grateful to all organizers and also sponsor for providing me a unique opportunity, which I maybe never afford if not this project. THANK YOU ALL!!

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