Sunday, March 23, 2008

trip spotlights

so i just got back from a once in a lifetime trip. to make it short: spring break was awesome!
so here are some snapshots from the trip!

the top two are in Arkansas, the capital and then people observing the white house model that was in the Clinton Library.

The next two are in New Orleans, Street Performers were playing in the French Quarter and they had a rooster! the Second picture is Lindsay enjoying her genuine New Orleans Mask.

When we arrived in Memphis we were all very hungry after not eating for many hours, after going to the Lorraine Hotel where MLK was assassinated were finally got some food and then we went to Beale Street. Upon arriving I heard someone reciting the "I Have a Dream" speech. there was a homeless man standing in front a the Elvis statue who recited the whole speech from memory, it was really something to hear someone reciting it live, Izzy bought a copy of his book and we all experienced something special in those moments. Not to mention the fact that he was wearing an Obama pin.

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